What we do


The Gilfillan Partnership provides research and consultancy services. We support agencies  and partnership that are working to promote equalities and tackle disadvantage.  We work within the UK and across the European Union.

Our services include:

Funding support

We can help to identify and access suitable funding sources for projects and programmes. We can help to develop funding strategies and  write funding applications.


We are expert project and programme evaluatiors. We can advise on appropriate evaluation approaches and methods.  We use quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods.  We are expert in both process and impact evaluations.

Project and partnership development

We help people to develop new project ideas or to find new partners they can work with. We can help to identify and match agencies with suitable partners from most parts of the EU.

Identifying and sharing good practice

We help organisations to identify and adopt good practice . We can also help to identify and promote the good practice that organisations  are themselves developing or implementing in their everyday work.

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